CEU-UCH Dentistry students look after the oral hygiene of disadvantaged children

We are proud to say that not only are our students well-prepared for the professional world, but also socially engaged, seeking to provide solidarity and support to other members of our community.
CEU-UCH Professor Arlinda Luzi shares with us the experience, among others, of Begoña Martí Martí, who graduated last year from our Graduate Program in Dentistry, and has spent her summer vacation in Uganda helping the needy. You can read the original entry (in Spanish) here!




According to Pope John Paul II, solidarity is not a vague sentiment. It is the firm and persevering determination to work for the common good; that is, for the good of all and for each person because we are all truly responsible for each one.

The values that we transmit at our university stimulate our students to use their knowledge to help others. Solidarity is the value which enables us to help others when they are most in need. That is what makes us human because, as Mother Theresa said, he who does not live to serve does not deserve to live.

That philosophy motivated Begoña Martí Martí, who recently graduated from the bilingual dentistry program at CEU-UCH, to participate in a project in Uganda, where she helped disadvantaged children with their oral hygiene. Some of our students in the fourth year of the Dentistry program, among which Anita and Stefanie, took part in an oral health campaign in the Philippines. All of them were motivated by the same spirit of solidarity and the desire to help others. All of them lived an unforgettable experience this summer in which they have helped others, and, yet, have received more than they gave.




I want to thank all of them for proving that the work we, professors and mentors at CEU-UCH, do helps them on the path that they have chosen and which I hope they will continue for many years to come. I have known my students from the moment they began the dentistry program at CEU-UCH, and I am very proud of educating people that possess a spirit of such solidarity and entrepreneurship, and who know what they want in life and how to attain their objectives.

As Shakespeare wrote, “We came into the world like brother and brother. And now let’s go hand in hand, not one before another.


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