CEU-UCH Architecture graduates will have the oppirtunity to carry out profesional work placements in Zurich and Lisboa


The graduates will have until next October to submit their application for jobs at the prestigious offices of; Müller Sigrist Architekten AG, in Sweeden and Aires Mateus Arquitectos, in Portugal

The International Relations Office of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University has designed a new European exchange programme, within the Leonardo European framework, for graduates of Design and Architecture Degrees; the programme will enable university graduates to carry out international work experience placements. This new proposal of European work placements, will allow CEU-UCH graduates to attend a series of placements that have been arranged between prestigious European companies and the university, in their particular field, which in this case is architecture.

The placements will last for a period of six months and will take place at the Swiss Architects´ firm Müller Sigrist Architekten AG, in Zurich, and at the offices of Aires Mateus Architects, in Lisbon, Portugal. The deadline for submitting your applications is the next 5th October. All CEU-UCH Architecture graduates are welcome to submit an application for the programme, regardless of the time period since they completed their studies, although preference is given to those who have finished in the two years prior to the opening date of each new placement.

This new opportunity is part of the CEU-UCH´s Student Internationalization Programme, which was created out of the desire for growth and consolidation, for facilitating the integration into the international labour market of the alumni and to reward their excellence, encouraging the relationships between professional and academic institutions within Europe, something that is valued as an enriching factor for both personal and professional development. This initial selection of European companies is our first step into achieving these targets; we then plan to expand this programme with the development of new agreements under the Leonardo framework.


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