CEU Emprende´s launches Crea-te space with an open class on international entrepreneurship



How to be creative and innovative in an international context? What are the future entrepreneurial possibilities beyond our frontiers? The CREA-TE space is a new laboratory of ideas from the CEU Emprende Programme aimed at boosting CEU-UCH´s students´ future professional projects.

To inaugurate the new CREA-TE space CEU Emprende, an open class was held on the18th December for international and Spanish students with good levels of English. The class was about “Entrepreneurship in an international context” and was taught by Daniel Siles, a professor and coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Programme of the Industrial Organisation School (EOI). The open class was held in studio 1 of the Audio-visual Production Centre “Bartolomé Serra Marqués”.

Meetizer, a successful case

Attendees were also able to get to know the entrepreneurship initiative through Pablo Martín, a former student of CEU-UCH and an entrepreneur. Pablo has created a technology start-up to launch Meetizer, a mobile application that encourages real encounters between people. With this mobile phone app, one can generate interesting encounters between people who are located nearby, known or not, with the aim of establishing new personal or professional relationships and to maximize the use of the idle hours of the day.

Meetizer already has users in over 45 countries and has been promoted by Apple in its App Store in Latin America and Spain as the “Best new app” thanks to its design and usefulness.

Watch the video of the interview with Pablo Martin and read more information about his startup at this link.


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