What you can (and cannot) do on the beach

On the 7th of June the summer season started on the 8 beaches of the Valencian coast. Now that we have more free time and the chance to enjoy it, it is the right moment to revise the rules that we have to follow if we want to spend a quiet, nice, relaxing day, without surprises.

The city of Valencia has 16 kilometres of coastal line. They are divided into eight beaches: la Malva-rosa, El Cabanyal, Pinedo, L´arbre del Gos, El Saler, La Garrofera, La Devesa –wild and protected beach – and el Perellonet.

Every town locally regulates the beach use. But of course you don’t need to know all municipal regulations. As for many other things in life, it is good to follow common sense. With common sense, you are almost always right.

It is not right to bring your shower gel or shampoo to the beach. And even if it was, do not do that because it is one of the minor faults that can be fined up to 750 euros. You cannot access the beach with glass objects nor with devices for loud music because it can bother other people. It is better to use headphones.

Do you like beach games and beach football? Well, then consider that you can play them on the authorised spaces and never on transit areas.

If you have any pet, you should leave them at home that day. The presence of pets, any kind and in any season, is prohibited. The only exception to this rule is guide dogs.

As the majority of beaches are urban beaches or are placed inside a natural park – La Albufera– regulations prohibit camping, bonfires or barbecues. The only fire permitted is on the 24th of June, when we celebrate San Juan night.

If you arrived to the beach on your bike, you must remember to leave it in authorized places or on the promenade because it is prohibited to access, park or ride any vehicle on the sand.

The majority of the rules to be followed on the Valencian beaches – applicable to all 8 beaches – are described on the information signs that you will find at the main entrances. If you respect them, you are protecting a unique ecosystem that could be damaged if its use is not controlled.

Civility, common sense, respect and courtesy… you don’t need much to enjoy our weather and coast. Well, having 16 kilometres of beaches and a summer to enjoy can make everything even easier.


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