Call for internships in Spanish Embassies and Consulates


The International Relations Office has published the call for internships of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to do placements from 3 to 4 months in Embassies and Consulates all over the world (from February to May 2015).




If you are interested in spending some time abroad and gaining a valuable international experience, we encourage you to apply for these internships. Please read carefully the terms and conditions hereunder, as well as the application form and the list of possible destinations as the conditions may vary. Of course, you will need a profound knowledge of the Spanish language to apply for these internships.

CEU-UCH University, through its International Relations Office, has already sent 19 students to participate in this internship scheme. Please press here to read the interview to some of them who were selected for the past edition and who spent their summer vacation in Washington, Sao Paulo and Santiago de Chile !

And remember to apply and present all the documents needed before October 6, the schedule is very tight:


Terms and conditions


Application form


Don’t miss this outstanding opportunity!

Should you need any additional information, contact our International Relations Office at


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