Bloomberg Room at CEU: a pioneering space dedicated to Finance and Stock Exchange

The Rector of the CEU UCH and the CEO of the FEBF ring the bell to inaugurate the Bloomberg Room

Students at University CEU Cardenal Herrera now have a Stock Exchange room, the Bloomberg Room, to reinforce their knowledge in finance. This is a pioneering initiative in the Region of Valencia that will allow students to know and analyze in real time – and without moving from the university – the reactions of the financial markets: stock market indexes, movements of assets, currencies, state bonds, statistics and news and information for business analysis.

Access to this global financial and stock information system, the same one used by analysts and financial market professionals, will facilitate the integration of theory with practice and will bring CEU students closer to financial reality.

Although it is intended primarily for students of the degrees of Business Management and Marketing and those of the Master’s Degree in Financial Management that this university teaches in collaboration with the Foundation for Stock Market and Financial Studies, this important platform of economic and financial information is also open to the rest of the students of the university community.

The inauguration of the Bloomberg Room has had the participation of the Rector of University CEU Cardenal Herrera, Rosa Visiedo, and Isabel Giménez, CEO of the Foundation for Stock Market and Financial Studies (FEBF), who have completed their interventions touching the bell as a symbol of the beginning of the activity of the room.

“This initiative is part of the CEU’s commitment to teaching innovation and the generation of spaces that provide our students with a university experience beyond the classroom”, underlined the Rector of the CEU.

Rosa Visiedo, who highlighted the close collaboration that the university has been maintaining with the FEBF in terms of financial training, has also highlighted that the Bloomberg Room, which it has qualified as “a simulation space for an almost real work environment”, will allow Students learn to make decisions in the financial field.

On the other hand, Isabel Giménez, has underlined “the tremendously innovative nature of this formative initiative”.

“Nobody forgets that finance goes hand in hand with technology, and I think it’s a luxury that the students of CEU Cardenal Herrera University can manage these screens with their professors and in their Faculty, so that, when they leave, they will have, in addition to their degree, another in bloomberg technology“, added the general director of the Foundation.

University CEU Cardenal Herrera and the Foundation for Stock Market and Financial Studies have been collaborating for several years in terms of financial training through the University Master’s Degree in Financial Management, as well as in different courses and specialization seminars. This postgraduate course of the CEU and the FEBF, unique in the Region of Valencia, has just received the mark awarded by the National Securities Market Commission to be able to accredit the financial staff facing the entry into force of the MiFID II on January 1st.

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