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During the first few days in Spain, we recommend that you reserve a room in a residence or hostel so that you can then look for suitable accommodation in one of the many shared student flats available around town. Popular neighbourhoods among students are Blasco Ibañez, Benimaclet, Ruzafa, Campanar and Plaza de España.

When looking for a room in a shared flat, it is important that you take into account the location, number of students in the flat, size, comfort, cost, etc. Once you have chosen a flat, you will have to pay one month’s rent as a deposit as well as your first month’s rent.

Student flats are also available in Moncada and Alfara del Patriarca but students generally prefer to live in the city of Valencia itself because of the wider range of cultural activities, the better sports facilities and the more interesting nightlife. It should be added that public transport between Moncada and Valencia only runs until around 23:00, even at the weekend.

Moncada vs Valencia

Advantages of living in Moncada (Population of 21,000 inhabitants)

  • The University (including all the different campuses) is located within this urban area so everything is within walking distance. It is not necessary to use public transport (metro, bus, etc.) in order to travel to the University and this means a saving of approximately €40 per month for the student on a monthly metro pass. It takes about 20 mins by metro from the metro station in Moncada to the centre of Valencia.
  • In Moncada there are many newly-renovated flats to rent which are economical, cheap and equipped with heating and air conditioning.
  • Moncada is a small population where life in more peaceful than in a big city, therefore providing a calming atmosphere for your studies.
  • In the town of Moncada there are all kinds of businesses: pharmacies, gyms, banks, post offices, clothes shops, hairdressers, two big supermarkets, bars and terraces cafés.
  • If you live in Moncada, you will have more time to dedicate to your studies.

Disadvantages of living in Moncada:

  •  Public transport does not run during the night so if you leave Moncada and go out in Valencia, you will have to return in a taxi or your own car. The last metro from Valencia to Moncada leaves at about 23:00.
  • There are no big shopping centres or recreational facilities (cinemas, theatres, clubs, pubs).

Advantages of living in Valencia (nearly 1 million inhabitants)

  •  Valencia is the capital city of the province and the third biggest city in Spain.
  • The city offers many leisure possibilities, both during the day and at night.
  • It is a city with a large student population so it is easy to find flats to rent.
  • There are student areas were the flats are cheaper than in the city centre such as Facultats, Benimaclet and Ruzafa.
  • Valencia isn’t a really big city so it is very easy and quick to travel around using public transport (metro, bus, bike). There are cards which cover travel on all these three means of transport with student discounts.

Disadvantages of living in Valencia:

  •  The cost of living is more expensive.
  • The price of renting a flat is more expensive.
  • You will need to use public transport to travel to the University (approximately €40 a month for a monthly metro pass).

The International Office collects some information regarding student accommodation which we normally email out to International students. Flat listings or adverts may also be found on University message boards and in student newspapers and magazines.

Useful websites for your accommodation search:

Hello Flat mate

Easy Piso


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