All you can do this October at CEU-UCH!


From theatrical plays to cultural trips and sports activities, here you will find some of the wide range of university-sponsored activities that will expand your world view and enrich your university life during the month of October!


A couple of weeks ago, we published an entry including all the sports activities offered by our Sports Service for the Autumn term and from what we have heard, our international students have really showed interest in them! We are now happy to give you a wider view on the different options our university gives to you, under three different areas (Orientation, Sports and Leisure); some of them you already know, but others might sound new to you!





The SOUAD (University Guidance and Counseling Service) offers our first-year international students different activities to boost their integration and adaptation to the university system, as well as professional and academic-oriented sessions. Contact them at for further information!


Document: Orientation Activities – October 2014




Everyone is welcome to find the right type of spot for them among the different activities and competitions presented by our Sports Service…it’s all about the fun! You can register or asl for more information at!


Document: Sports Activities – October 2014





Pay attention to the days and hours of the following activities and send an e-mail to if you are interested in joining any of them!

Cooking for students:

We will show you some easy and delicious recipes with all the essential nutrients of the Mediterranean diet…and cheaper than any other pre-cooked dish!


Have you ever practiced yoga? Would you be interested in learning more about this technique, half-way between physical and mental exercise?

Language exchange:

Come join us and get to know other people from your campus. You will have fun and practice your English, French or Spanish at the same time!

CEU Teatro:

From the smallest workshop reading to the largest mainstage, our students and staff are always working on different productions.


Document: Leisure Activities – October 2014



Keep an eye to the boards situated in our campuses of Moncada (Seminari building) and Alfara del Patriarca (Luis Campos Górriz building) under the sign UNIVERSITY LIFE | VIE UNIVERSITAIRE…we will be hanging updated information on the different activities CEU Cardenal Herrera University will be organizing for you throughout the year!


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