2nd iWeek: to discover the future housing method through four international workshops


Architects from McCullogh-Mulvin studio (Mc Cullough-MulvinArchitects) and Enric Bas (FUTURLAB) are some of the international architects and designers who will  participate in the 2nd iWeek that will take place in the High School of Technical Educations of the CEU-UCH and which objective is to study the evolution of the household concept in terms of architecture, design and technology
2nd iWeek ESET, in CEU-UCH University.

Would we rather live autonomously in rural areas or totally integrated in future smart cities? Is it possible to raise a next generation building which would be fully efficient with one centimeter walls? How an artist can influence our future ways of living? Is it possible to design interior spaces through corporal expression? From February 3rd to February 7th, the High School of Technical Educations (ESET) of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia will hold its 2nd International Week. Under the motto “iHome, from the modern house to the future home”, professors of 12 European Universities will analyze the future evolution of the household concept from design, architectural and technological perspectives during the various activities planned for this international week.

In the first Workshop, Visioning the future, students from the High School of Technical Educations of the CEU-UCH University and professors will analyze the ways of living impact on domestic spaces characteristics in two possible future housing concepts: the isolated in the countryside, disconnected from the city, with a prefabricated concept and energetically self-sufficient; and the house integrated in a smart city, incorporating new technologies based on motorization and domotic methods for households and connected with networks.

Sabine Pollak (Kunstuniversität de Linz) Rui Castro and Edite Rosa (Universidade Lusófona do Porto), Joaquim Almeida (Universidade de Coimbra), Dina Suhanova (Riga) and Natalia Przesmycka (Lublin) will accompany students in their search for results concerning future ways of housing.

Fatima Fernandes (Escola Superior Artística do Porto), Walter Unterrainer (Aarhus School of Architecture), Imrich Vasko (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague) and Alex Mitxelena (Universidad del País Vasco) will participate in the Future Technique Workshop. In this one, students and professors of the ESET will debate and analyze the use of new construction materials, such as polymers, carbon fibers, graphene and even those which can be combined to nanotechnology. Materials actually in an experimental phase but which will, in the near future, change as well the way of understanding housing concepts and building methods necessary for its definition. The objective of this workshop is to define the ideal qualities of a building material that can, at the same time, be extremely thin and complete every requisite, as well technical and esthetical, of all the architectural parts of the house.

The professor of Visual Arts of the Tallinn University of Technology, Anu Juurak, will lead the Contemporary Patterns – Global Ornament workshop in which will be studied the influence of artists such as Andy Warhol in ornaments design for interior upholsteries and wallpapers. Some Artists that have marked the evolution of the household decoration as well as the influence of the media, mobility and family in the “household” concept of the XXI century.

Dancing Body interactive workshop

The Belgian professors Peyman Nadirzadeh and Carolien Van den Hole, of the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, will lead the Dancing Body interactive workshop, combining theatre and dance technics with the objective of learning how to feel and explore the environment and in order to deepen the relation between diary objects that surround us in our home and our own body.

These four workshops will alternate during the week from February 3rd to 7th with various presentations and lectures from European professors invited by the CEU-UCH University. Moreover, on February 6th we will be honored by the presence of Mario Moretti (Chairman of Geox) who will give a conference at 4:30P.M. The inaugural session will be presented by the professor Enric Bas, director of FUTURLAB-The Laboratory of Applied Foresight from the University of Alicante, on February the 3rd at 12:00 P. M. Members of the Dublin architectural study Mc Cullough-MulvinArchitects will be in charge of the closing conference, on February the 7th at 12:00 P.M in the assembly room of the ESET.

Every session will be celebrated in the High School of Technical Education of the CEU-UCH, in Alfara del Patriarca (C/ San Bartolomé, 55).

See the International Week Programme 2014.


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