Meet Hasna, the first representative of Pharmacy

Today we are with the representative for first year of Pharmacy in English at University CEU Cardenal Herrera, Hasna Ghammad.

Where are you from, Hasna?

I am from Casablanca from the French school, Lyautey.

How did you find out about our university?

My first choice was Medicine in France, but I could not get a place on the course due to my results from first semester, so I turned towards Pharmacy. I was searching on the internet for where I could do a pharmacy degree in English and I found this university’s website, it was all clear and informative so I registered for “Pharmacy” and here I am.

Why pharmacy in English?

I was afraid to do a degree in Spanish given that my level was very low before arriving here, and fortunately I was lucky that this degree developed this year in University CEU Cardenal Herrera. Therefore, it gives me time to learn the language for when we will change in third year.

Tell me a bit about your activities and hobbies.

I really like everything to do with volunteering activities that involve helping disadvantaged people, looking after children, connecting with people… Also I go to the gym and I go out from time to time in Valencia to familiarise myself with the atmosphere and the customs here.


How was it adapting here? Did you find somewhere to live with ease?

I have adapted very well; the fact that the climate in Spain is very similar to that of Morocco has been a great advantage, also the people are very nice and that makes me feel right here. In terms of living, at the start it was a problem because I had no references so for all of first semester I lived in university halls in Valencia, but then, with the help of the CEU UCH Hospitality service, I found an apartment closer to the university in Moncada, and now I am organising to share a flat with someone else for next year.

What do you think of your experience at CEU UCH up to now? Are you satisfied?

The truth is that at the start I was quite shy, as I didn’t know the language, but the teachers have been very understanding, and they help us a lot with regards to the understanding and integration in the university. I feel that there is a very good atmosphere in class in general.

What are you thinking of doing when you finish the degree?

I will carry out the FIR (Farmacéutico Interno Residente) training because I would like to specialise and work in a laboratory, and if not, I will do a degree in nutrition.


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