Study an MBA in Spain

Our University offers an MBA in english in Valencia.

Lectures are from 1st October–5th May. Work placement and dissertation from May–September. Monday to Thursday from 16:00 to 20:30

The MBA has a high quality practical training that develops analytical and decision-making skills needed in the field of Business Management.

Our teachers are professionals whose priority is to share their experiences with students and enrich their learning.

The MBA offers a personalized formation, it have a maximum of 16 students per group

Students will benefit from having 75 hours of Spanish language, which will allow them to learn Spanish or to improve or perfect it.

Students will have the opportunity to do a work placement (normally paid) in a world renowned international company.

This MBA is an Official Masters Degree and it will enable the students to apply for a PHD and it’s recognised in all of the countries of the European Higher Education Area.

CEU is the main group of private universities in Spain and has partners with many prestigious companies, our university offers highly regarded degrees.

The MBA has a very competitive price and Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and one of the most valued by international students..

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