From Mexico to Manchester with a stop in Madrid and Moncada: Beatriz Huitrón’s international experience

Beatriz Huitrón, student of Law and of the Specialist Degree in International and European Law at CEU UCH, in Manchester
Beatriz Huitrón, student of Law and of the Specialist Degree in International and European Law at CEU UCH, in Manchester

“My name is Beatriz Huitrón, of Mexican nationality and a third year student of the degree in Law and Specialist Degree in International and European Law.

After an Erasmus+ period that I did last year in Madrid, with my previous university “Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe”, my professional and personal life changed completely. Consequently, I made the decision to finish my studies at University CEU Cardenal Herrera, Spain.

I chose CEU in Valencia because it seems like a small city with a good quality of life and after coming from a city (Mexico City) with more than 5 million inhabitants, it’s really pleasant for me to be able to be here now.

During my stay in Madrid I carried out three months of a professional internship in the Mexican Embassy. I was working in the area of visas in the Consulate Section. The consulate section is the administrative area that offers a stage abroad, with the aim of protecting the interests of the State and its nationals, as well as helping them. My work, in the area of visas, was to interview internationals who wanted to travel to Mexico for business, study, work reasons, etc. Once those people were interviewed, they had to bring the required documentation so afterwards it could be verified if the corresponding documentation had been fulfilled or not in accordance with the Law of Mexican Migration. It was three months with a lot of professional enrichment, and I definitely learnt so much. Also it is important to mention that at the start of the law degree in Mexico, I was an intern in the Secretary of Exterior Relations and thanks to the experience in that unit, I decided to apply for an internship abroad.

Madrid was my first Erasmus+ destination, but not my first international experience. In 2014 I had the opportunity to live for three months in New York, US, with the aim of improving my English.

My last stay abroad as an intern was in February this year in a legal office in England. Gunnercooke is a firm with offices in London and Manchester. I had the opportunity to work for three months in the Manchester office. I did the internship in the civil and consulate section and I worked as an assistant to the Spanish Honorary Consul in Manchester, Antonio Guillén. During this period, without a doubt, I was able to apply everything I had learnt throughout my professional career, as well as some civil legal knowledge I had learnt in the previous year of the degree. The cases that I had to deal with day to day were more about estates, contracts and sales in Spain. In this way, I applied as much as I learnt civil juristic terminology in English and Spanish. After the experience I was able to realise how important it is to speak English. Now I value it more than ever and I hope I will be able to return to England at some point in the future. Without a doubt, it was an excellent professional and personal opportunity in my life.

Beatriz Huitrón with Antonio Guillén - English lawyer and Spanish Honorary Consul in Manchester.
Beatriz Huitrón with Antonio Guillén – English lawyer and Spanish Honorary Consul in Manchester.

Now that I am about to finish this chapter in my professional life, I am certain that I would love to work in the international or financial field. From the start and due to having connections with people who work in the area of Public International Law, I knew that I wanted to know more about that field and that is how I did it.

One of my short-term plans that I really want to happen is to volunteer in India or Thailand, supporting women at risk of exclusion. I consider myself as a person who loves to help others and it would be a great satisfaction for me to be able to do something for someone.

“After that, I will be open to any opportunity that life presents to me, however, the day that I return to my country I will be able to apply the best of everything I have learnt from my experiences and use that to contribute to the improvement and growth of my country.”

Many thanks for sharing your experience with us, Beatriz! We wish you the best in the future.


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