Oral Piercing

Do you have a tongue piercing? In our modern society, it is becoming increasingly common to come across people who […]

Students: Do you Know What You Are Prescribing?

    How do you prescribe? All dentists must learn to prescribe medicine as it forms an integral part of […]

7 Tips for Great Oral Hygiene!

Maintaining good oral hygiene is something few of us actually manage to achieve on a permanent basis. We are all […]

Salivary mucins play a role in host defense and prevent diseases

Mucins and Health Mucins are key components of mucus, which is found to provide critical protection on wet epithelial surfaces […]

antibiotics in pills

Antibiotics are not necessary to prevent toothache

If you want to give an antibiotic for a toothache or an endodontic infection to your patient next time please […]

ANA NUCLEOLAR AND MEMBRANE" by Simon Caulton - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Chirag Sheth a Interview with the Academic Coordinator

This year it will have been 5 years since Doctor Chirag Sheth, microbiologist specialized in immunology and fungal diseases joined […]