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Joined up thinking: The multiple causes of dental caries

Caries is caused by sugar, right?…wrong? The central role of sugar in caries development is amply demonstrated in the literature.It is […]

Salivary mucins play a role in host defense and prevent diseases

Mucins and Health Mucins are key components of mucus, which is found to provide critical protection on wet epithelial surfaces […]

Improving communication skills

Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages and exchanging     of verbal and nonverbal thoughts, opinions, information […]

Fresco of Saint Apollonia (St. Nicholas Church, Stralsund).

Do you know who is Saint Apollonia?

Saint Apollonia is the patroness of dentists, and people suffering from toothache and other dental diseases often ask her intercession. […]

Toothpaste makes my orange juice bitter

Have you ever brushed your teeth and then drank a cold, refreshing, sweet glass of orange juice, only to find […]

Dentists Office: A New iPhone / iPad App for Dentists

A light hearted blog.  NinjaFish Studios release DENTIST OFFICE their latest (and only) dentistry app for iPhone and iPad.  Now […]