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Gum diseases could be a risk factor for esophageal cancer

Esophageal cancer incidence and mortality trends varied substantially across Europe over the last few decades, with important differences between sexes […]

Antibiotics are not necessary to prevent toothache

If you want to give an antibiotic for a toothache or an endodontic infection to your patient next time please […]

Improving communication skills

Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages and exchanging     of verbal and nonverbal thoughts, opinions, information […]

Professor of Dentistry is playing an important role in dental research

The CEU Cardenal Herrera University is playing a role in the development of innovative dental biomaterials. Dr. Salvatore Sauro in […]

Fresco of Saint Apollonia (St. Nicholas Church, Stralsund).

Do you know who is Saint Apollonia?

Saint Apollonia is the patroness of dentists, and people suffering from toothache and other dental diseases often ask her intercession. […]

Microcomputed tomography (µCT) and caries

Microcomputed tomography (µCT) of teeth can detect demarcated radiolucencies below the enamel-dentin junction (EDJ) that are of noncarious origin, and […]