“Architecture and Landscape” with Carmina Gheorghita on our School’s 3rd iWeek

Architecture student Francisco Jarrín has written this report about the conference by Carmina Gheorghita within the current iWeek edition. We wish you enjoy […]

Nordic students taking an Architecture degree in Spain

Why would a Scandinavian student come to Spain for a degree in Architecture? We asked two Swedish first year students […]

Crea Fest at the Technical School

The Technical School of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University had a memorable day within the Crea Fest, an activity aimed […]

Exploring Barcelona: Architecture students head out

On the second of December we visited Barcelona with the aim of studying some of the architecturally significant landmarks in […]

Learning outside the classroom: Architecture outing to Cheste

This last Friday the Architecture students of our Technical School participated in an educative outing to Cheste, a municipality just […]

Recently graduated architects win the Trans-hitos 2017 Awards

Architects Sergio Alfonso Salvador (graduated in 2013 by the CEU Cardenal Herrera University) and Vicente Picó Vicent (graduated in 2015 […]

Juan Granell. Designing unique, exciting and efficient houses…across the pond!

Juan Granell Codina studied Architecture at CEU in Valencia. He graduated when the construction industry was suffering the harshest period of the […]

Stepping on the city with the eyes

  Visiting Cuenca Once again the academic year has begun and architecture students have before them new tasks to fulfil, […]